$23,000 Worth of Checks Stolen

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Six Evansville businesses had mail taken from its mailboxes, specifically checks. It amounted to more than $20,000. Now, two people have been arrested.

“If this has happened you should worry,” Newburgh Police Chief Brett Sprinkle said.

Newburgh police say they pulled over a van for speeding on Sunday, little did they know, what they would find inside would surprise them all.

“These individuals were breaking into mailboxes at these local businesses and stealing checks out of the mail,” Sprinkle said. “The total amount was over $23,000 worth of checks.”

Six businesses were targeted, some of those are Casters in Motion and MH Equipment Company.

“We’re unsure if they knew what businesses to go to and if they knew there would be mail there or if it was just a random, ‘lets try this one,'” Sprinkle said.

The two men allegedly behind the act 19-year-old Antonio McCrary and 25-year-old Ranard Stevens both are from Georgia.

“We’re worried that this might be some kind of a theft ring going out of Georgia so we have been looking at that aspect of it,” Sprinkle said.

Stevens is facing a theft charge in Warrick County and a drug abuse violation. McCrary is also facing possession of marijuana. Both men are facing theft charges in Vanderburgh County as well.

“If you’re not going to be at your business over the weekend and this happened on a weekend so if you get mail on Saturday you might want to stop your Saturday mail and only get mail when you’re open or when you are there,” Sprinkle said.

Newburgh Police Chief Brett Sprinkle says they’re working with Evansville police and the Postal Inspector’s Office to put the events together and how to pursue this federal crime.

Both suspects are currently in the Warrick County Jail. Chief Sprinkle says there could be more charges filed.   

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