3-year-old and 1-year-old rescued from SUV in the Ohio River


OWENSBORO, Ky (WEHT)— A family is recovering after their car rolled into the Ohio River Sunday night. According to police, this happened around 8:30 PM near the English Park boat ramp where the family’s SUV suddenly shifted into gear which sent the vehicle into the water. The vehicle was partially submerged, but everyone escaped. Here’s the footage of two children being rescued.

Authorities say a 3-year-old and 1-year-old did go under the water for a brief amount of time. They were transported to an area hospital for further evaluation. No injuries were reported.

“We were there to watch the fireworks and have a good time,” recalled Harley Day. But while waiting for the fireworks to start, he says his vehicle started going towards the Ohio River, after it was accidentally put into neutral.

“I got in front of the truck trying to stop it, and it started to roll down the concrete hill, and I tried everything in my power, and I slid in the mud, and when I slid, I fell,” he said.

“I’d seen them trying to put on their brake lights and the car going into the water. They got out of there,” says Jerry Pollard, who witnessed it.

The vehicle, with two of Day’s children still inside, went into the water, right after day fell into the river himself.

“I honestly felt as though I was going to die because whenever I hit the river, my first instinct was to try to swim as far away as I could before the truck could come after me. But there was no time,” Day said.

“I was scared. I was, I did felt like I was never going to see my sister, or my nieces and nephews ever again. As soon as they told me, I ran to my car, and I had trouble breathing,” added Dominique Byers, who is related to Day.

Day was able to swim up to the vehicle, and get his kids out with the aid of a few bystanders.

“If it wasn’t for them strangers help, I don’t know where we would be at right now,” he said.

Day was able to swim to shore with his two kids, while the vehicle, with some of the family’s belongings, sank. The Day family is looking for help getting its vehicle out of the water and replacing lost items, but Day says everyone is glad no one was more seriously hurt.

“Every one is thankful that we’re still alive. It could have been much worse than it was,” says Day.

(This story was originally published on July 5, 2021)

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