30 strangers are on a journey to run across the country raising awareness and money for cancer patient care and Evansville is just one stop along the way.

Runner Kylie Barber, who is from Michigan says, “Everyone knows someone that’s been impacted by cancer and I think that’s really powerful and I’m happy to run for those people.”

For 49 days, 30 strangers are running thousands of miles for those who can’t.

“When you’re thinking about how there’s a huge hill ahead or its super hot out or just something you’re complaining about just think about those people that are suffering more with they cancer they’ve been diagnosed with,” Barber says. 

Sunday, some of those miles were checked off the list in Evansville.

“We feel like we’ve been kind of spoiled here we got t-shirts too this is the first time anyone’s ever done that for us we just feel very welcome.”

Evansville is just one stop and it’s as stop host Pam Wrucke looks forward to every year. 

“You can see by their route on their shirt they take a big dip because they always want to come to Evansville.”

They’re over halfway through their journey, which started in San Francisco and will end in Baltimore.

Their passion doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Just how compassionate these kids are, “Wrucke says. “It’s not about them it’s the people they’re running for.”

While it might be a journey across the country, the strangers become lifelong friends and continue raising awareness one mile….or step at a time.

(This story was originally published July 23, 2017)