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7-year-old raises money for JDRF with lemonade, pancreas shaped cookies

The annual JDRF walk took place Sunday at Holiday World with a goal to raise more than $400,000 towards turning Type I diabetes into type none.
Eyewitness News' Amelia Young met up with one of the foundation’s youngest donors to talk about what it means to him.
Caleb Slade likes basketball, baseball and he's only seven and a half.
Saturday, he set up a lemonade stand in the heart of Haynie’s Corner.
“He kind of came up with all of it, made all the posters,” said Caleb’s mom, Emily.
The money raised isn't going to a new bike or a new toy, but to help cure Type I diabetes.
“I want it to stop,” said Caleb about why he wants to raise money for JDRF.
“We don't have it in our family, he's the first one,” said Emily.
The diagnosis came just two years ago, “He just presented with very normal symptoms of increased thirst and increased urination.,” she said.
Ever since, Caleb and his family have been big advocates for JDRF.

“We want to make sure that the people who don't know yet that they're gonna be type i parents already have some sort of support when the time comes,” said Emily.
Spreading awareness with one cup of lemonade and pancreas shaped cookie at a time.
“Diabetes is about the pancreas not working right,” said Caleb.
And if the cookies broke, no problem.
“Because then it would be like a Type I diabetes pancreas,” he said.
Until there's a cure, the Slades’ are thankful for the foundations hard work to make life as easy as possible for Caleb.
And his enthusiasm for advocacy isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, “Because I want diabetes to end,” said Caleb.
(This article was originally published May 20, 2018)

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