OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT)- An eight-year-old girl and her siblings are helping Owensboro get a Safe Haven Baby Box.

Owensboro Right to Life Executive Director, Stacey Davis, introduced Lillie Dunn and her siblings to the mayor and county commissioners during a meeting today.

Lillie got the idea when listening to the radio in the car.

“Little Lillie heard our radio ad about Right to Life and asked her parents what is that,” Davis says.

Lillie asked her brothers for help and got to work.

“This is one of our favorite things to do… art,” Lillie says.

They began drawing dozens of pictures. Lillie says it takes about 10 minutes to make each drawing. They began selling them on Facebook and asking for donations.

“They raised about half of the money on their own,” says Davis.

Before the Dunn family knew it, they raised $8,000. With Lillie’s help, and the help from generous donors, Owensboro Right to Life was able to raise the $16,000 needed to cover the cost of a baby box. The box is ordered and is already being built. In the middle of May, it will be installed on the ninth street side of Fire Station 1.

“It was really awesome because Chief Howard said we had this on our radar already, so we would love to do it. So it was really one of those things that fell into place,” Davis says.