A closer look at the footage released from the officer-involved shooting


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- We get a close look at the man killed by an officer this week and his actions in the minutes leading up to the shooting. Evansville police released the body and dash camera video from Monday night’s incident on Morgan Avenue near Theatre Drive.

We’re told 45-year-old Terry Chanley of Wadesville was driving eastbound on morgan when he hit a utility pole.

The officer’s body camera shows how quickly the incident escalated.
You’ll be able to hear what the officer said to Chanley and how the situation progressed.
We want to warn you some of the video is graphic.

What started as a response to a car crash, ended with the death of that driver. With the release of both body and dashcam video, we are now able to get a look at the events leading up to that shooting.

“Mr. Chanley was still in the vehicle when the officer approached. Shortly after that first encounter with Mr. Chanley, the situation escalated and it ended in as we know now an officer-involved shooting,” Sergeant Jason Cullum explains.

The video shows interactions between the officer and Terry Chanley. First making sure Chanley was okay.

“How are we doing sir. Are you doing alright,” the officer involves says.

Chanley does not seem to respond. The officer then asks for his documents.

Further communication goes:
Officer: “do you got your license, registration, and proof of insurance?
Chanley: “no”
Officer: “oh you don’t? Okay.”

After this is when Chanley starts grabbing for something on the other side of the front seat.

This action-police say- was a cause for concern.

“If you’ve told me you don’t have the things I’ve asked for and then you start to dig around in an area that I can’t see that’s another red flag,” Cullum explains.

The officer asks what’s happening, with stress in his voice.

“What are you reaching for? Whoa whoa whoa. Let me see your hands,” the officer yells.

The officer asks Chanley to put his hands up, and for a moment he does.

“Mr. Chanley has his left hand visible and his right hand is visible on the steering wheel, they are both empty. The officer de-escalation in his tone of voice ‘ step out of the vehicle’,” Cullum says.

The video of his hands up is quick, we slowed it down to see it. But things continue to escalate.

“Shots fired. Shots fired. Let me see your hands. Shots fired,” the officer yells.

After the shots, you can hear distress in the officer’s voice. Asking for help.

“Come on guys step it up.”

Sergeant Jason Cullum showed this picture of a hammer police found at the scene. Cullum says this officer hasn’t been in this situation before.

“Has never had someone react to his presence the way that this individual did,” Cullum explains.

The officer involved was put on paid leave for three days. At the end, he has the option to return to work or can take more time if he needs to.

Toxicology tests are being done, but results could take weeks.

Evansville Police have asked the media to withhold the name of the officer for now. They say by the end of the week we will be able to release that information.

We edited the video for this story but the full video is available here

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