A look at St. Joseph’s bell tower


JASPER, Ind (WEHT) – St. Joseph’s iconic bell tower in Jasper has been shrouded in scaffolding for the past several months.

“Well it’s been quite a journey,” said St. Joseph parishoner Allen Hoffman. “We started with stainglass windows, finished that about two years ago. Then we started in the overall renovation of the exterior back in May of this year.”

“Basically restoring the whole outside of the church,” said Josh Krempp, Project manager for Krempp Construction. “We ground down all the mortar joints and all the block around the whole entire church. We repainted the steeple, check it out and made sure it was going to last for the next fifty years or so. Reflashed everything made sure everything was water tight and basically gave it an exterior facelift”

“My family’s been involved with this church for generations. I was married here, my siblings were married here. It holds a special place in my heart. And it meant a lot to be involved in the restoration of this place.

“Visually it’s pretty surreal, cause you’re going up 26 stories,” said Jay Hamlin, of Your Story Photography.”And you’re doing that on just a few pieces of metal slapped on the outside of a church. I had the chance to go up the inside of the tower just a few years back and it’s a tremendous experience to go up the inside. So to have the opportunity to go outside and see every detail early in the morning like this with a little bit of frost on the trees and the buildings when it’s starting to melt with a little bit of fog makes a magical scene looking out the horizon.”

“I just think it would be good to say it is our time to restore the church,” said Hoffman.”This has really been a gift from our ancestors, I didn’t grow up in Jasper, I grew up in the area. But my great-grandparents actually worked on this church as well. So we received a gift from our ancestors so it’s our time to preserve it and restore it for future generations.”

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