Abuse victim advocate glad to see conversation on classic Christmas song

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A Christmas classic is being left out in the cold by a radio station in Ohio. Some DJs are kicking a song from the Second World War era to the curb.

The tune has been done and re-done by music icons. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is catching heat from the “me too” movement for words, some say, are harmful.

It’s possible you’ve heard the song this season already, playing on non-stop Christmas radio or your favorite online stream, but you won’t hear it on Star 102 WDOK in Cleveland. The station has shrunk its holiday playlist by one.

Most know the song, but Holly Edmond at Holly’s House in Evansville wonders, do you know the lyrics?

“The song was written in the 1940s,” said Edmond. “A lot has changed since then.”

Edmond says Holly’s House doesn’t have a position on the song playing or not, but she is glad to see more people willing to talk about a taboo topic.

“It’s a conversation starter,” she said. As an abuse victims advocate, Edmond understands how even words can hurt.

The song has been played for decades, but if you have payed close attention to what’s playing out, you’ll hear a back-and-forth with a woman wanting to leave, and a man wanting her to stay.

“What’s really interesting in the song is when they talk about what’s in this drink,” Edmond said. “Kind of would insinuate maybe there was something additional put in the drink? I think that is maybe where the rub starts.”

Song supporters say some are reading too deeply. The station in Cleveland has had pushback from listeners. Some, including women, have posted on their Facebook saying they won’t listen anymore.

Edmond says “me too” has changed our world, and the rights of victims. If it takes a Christmas classic to help more people, that’s okay by her.

“It’s important because ‘no’ should be respected in these circumstances, whether you’re a female or male, ‘no’ should be respected.”

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This story was originally published on December 4, 2018

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