EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — While the eastern edge of the Tri-State had to endure the strongest of Saturday’s storms, the winds passing through Vanderburgh County were strong enough to damage trees — in some cases, snapping them in half.

One Evansville man had both of his vehicles buried after part of a tree fell, but he says cleanup has become complicated.

“The thing that’s got me the most upset about all of this is the city came out to look at it to determine the damage and decided that they can’t do nothing whatsoever until I pay to have it removed off my vehicles,” said Evansville resident Tim Norton.

Norton says he can’t afford to have the tree trimmed off and can’t determine how bad the damage to his vehicles is until the debris is removed — not to mention that with part of the tree sticking out into the street, it could cause problems regarding public safety.

And utility lines were also struck by storm debris today. A tree was broken in half by the strong winds and landed directly on the power lines. Evansville City councilwoman Missy Mosby was away from home when she was informed of the storm damage outside her home.

“Luckily, it didn’t hit the house, didn’t hit any vehicles, no one was hurt. Probably going to have all three of the trees taken out now because there’s damage to all of them,” said Mosby.

Given the greater damage in other neighborhoods and the fact that power is still on in hers, Mosby says she expects to wait before CenterPoint can send someone out to clear the debris from the power lines.