EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — High school reunions are nothing new, but how about for schools that closed half a century ago? Over the weekend, Rex Mundi alumni from across the years rejoined together for an all-school reunion.

The get-together marked the 50th anniversary of the last graduating class in 1972. Although the school may not have been around very long, it left a major legacy in Evansville’s history.

“We were like a close knit family, it always felt like that, no matter whether you were there in the beginning, or when the doors closed in ’72,” Patti Meny Wilson, a graduate of the school, tells us. “Everyone felt like family, we were close knit, it was a good atmosphere. Great teachers, great students, everything was perfectly put together.”

The legacy of the school even made it to the NFL with Miami Dolphins and Rex Mundi alum Bob Griese. Organizers say Griese planned on coming to the reunion, but missed it due to family matters.