Allie the missing dog found safe


(WEHT) — After days of searching and a swim across the Ohio River Saturday, It Takes a Village has found Allie, the missing dog, safe.

ITV says experienced dog handlers and trained dogs worked to get Allie’s trust Thursday and eventually led her out of the woods. After more than 6 hours, the team was able to get a fence around her.

ITV says Allie appears to be in good health besides being tired and hungry.

One of the dogs who helped with the rescue and first found Allie, Arlo, also is an alumni rescue from It Takes a Village.

“Most people are contacting us and can’t believe she swam across the Ohio River, and is still alive and made it to the other side alive,” said It Takes a Village Director Tangila Smith. “We were really worried because of where she was at, there’s nothing around her but water and woods so we didn’t think we were going to be able to get her.” 

On  Saturday, Allie broke from her leash in Downtown Evansville and managed to get into the Ohio River. She swam to the Henderson side and several attempts to rescue her using drones, cameras and traps her were unsuccessful 

As soon as David Bretz saw the news, the retired German Township Fire Chief said he had to come help in the search. 

“Dog swims in the river and is running from everybody, and we wanted to check what’s going on and make sure they had the resources needed to have the job done,” said Bretz. 

Bretz even bought a trap to try and get Allie back home. 

A major break coming Friday – as Bretz and others were searching. Allie’s situation hits close to home for Bretz, he adopted a dog from It Takes A Village over two years ago – and that dog ultimately was instrumental in saving allie.

“We headed down with our dogs and let our dogs lead out in front of us about 20 – 30 yards and our dogs met up with her and the first dog to meet up with her was my dog Arlo.” 

It took most of the day to gain Allie’s trust – and eventually led her out of the woods.

“When we finally did get her, I’ll tell you that there were some tears shed, when she was in the crate and the doors were locked, she’s safe and she appreciated it, you could tell she appreciated the fact she was in the crate and safe,” Bretz said.

Officials took Allie back to the shelter where they say she appears to be in good health — besides being tired and hungry. 

Allie will head to a trainer where she’ll spend some time working on socialization and other issues. 

“But she’s a good dog, she’s just scared of everything,” said Smith. 

One happy ending to a story that could’ve ended much worse.

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(This story was originally published on December 11, 2020)

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