HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) -– New Hope Animal Rescue Center receives a blessing in more ways than one.

The center is a not for profit and no kill animal rescue that helps find animals suitable homes. With a gift valued at $375,000, the center’s founder Paula Hawkins says she is thankful for the gift.

“A little over two acres, it’s really a nice piece of land,” Hawkins said. “It’s in a nice location. Not that he hasn’t done enough for us, I mean he’s really been very, very generous to us. Ever since New Hope first began.”

Bennett also purchased a new van for the center in 2021 to better transport animals for medical and adoption services as well as donated $100,000.

“He also paid our building off on Atkinson Street,” Hawkins explained. “He’s been wonderful to us and that right there alone made a big difference in how many animals we can save and take in because it just really let a big burden off of us on the mortgage payment.”

With this gift, they now have plans to build towards the future.

“He’s hoping one day that we can build a new rescue,” Hawkins said. “That’s why he donated it. Right now it’s not going to look like that but maybe sometime in our future, it’s giving us hope to maybe have a new building.”