EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – For 31 years, an anonymous benefactor who calls himself “Pete” has made 41 generous donations to Easterseals. On Monday, Pete called and said he delivered a gift and told Easterseals staff to hurry and look for his donation on the chain link fence behind the organization’s headquarters.

A group of staff members found a gift bag hanging on the fence. Inside was a holiday decoration shaped like a Christmas tree with bulbs that light up as it plays holiday music. In between the bulbs were 30 tightly rolled $100 bills, making a total donation of $3,000.

Pete stressed that his donation should be used to provide gifts to children with disabilities from disadvantaged families served by the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center and Easterseals Early Learning Center. Easterseals do not know the identity of the gift-giver. Including his most recent donation, Pete’s contributions over the past 31 years now total $100,450.

As usual, accompanying Pete’s latest delivery was a hand-written note with the words “You will hear from me again. Pete”