HENDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) It took years to build and only seconds to fall.

After carrying cars and trucks over the green river for nine decades, another part of the old Spottsville Bridge in Henderson County is demolished.

Spottsville residents took time out of their day to watch this morning’s demolition.

A section of a bridge that took a long time to build was brought down in seconds.

“I just thought how long it took the guys to build that bridge, and in split seconds it’s in the river. It’s interesting just to watch it happen,” said John Brown, who watched this morning’s implosion.

“It’s been around for a long time,” said Brenda Dunivan, who was with her husband, Ed.

“I’ve watched it for 40 years. It’s just the nostalgia part. It’s history being destroyed,” Ed added. They joined other residents to watch the second part of the implosion. They were sad to see a part of history brought down.

“To build the bridge like that for all these years, without all the information and all the computers, the things they can do now, it’s amazing they did that,” Ed said.

The demolition happened a little more than two weeks after the smaller truss was taken down.
“I saw the other section a couple of weeks ago, so I had an idea, but when this one blew, there was a lot more smoke, so for seconds, It was like the bridge was obliterated, and then it cleared a little bit, and then you can see it come to life and drop,” Brown recalled.

The destruction of the 360-foot span is the second of the four-phase demolition. The next phases of demolition will bring down the piers that held the trusses up. With the new bridge open, some residents say they’re sad to see the old bridge fall, but they won’t miss driving on it.

“I know when I drove over it, I always try to avoid other traffic. So, if I saw a car coming from the other way, I would slow down so I wouldn’t have to pass it over the bridge,” Brenda recalled.

“I dropped a truck mirror off the side of it one day,” Brown said, recalling an incident from years ago. “It was narrow. You had to watch it.”

(This story was originally published on October 19, 2022)