Artists finish up Old National Bank mural


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– Downtown Evansville has a pop of color. The mural on the back of the Old National Bank Support Center building is expected to be done by the end of the weekend. A group of five artists started painting the giant mural on Saturday and they’ve been working over time to bring bright colors to Evansville’s skyline.

“There’s a couple challenges involved. Weather being a big one. Being exposed to the elements as well as knowing what you’re doing when you’re that high in a lift,” explained Jacob Duncan, a muralist for Often Seen Rarely Spoken. Duncan said creating a nearly 8,000 square foot mural required buckets of paint. “75 gallons of paint somewhere like that. We’re also using spray paint too so it’s a lot of paint.”

Often Seen Rarely Spoken is the team of Kentucky artists behind Old National Bank’s mural.

They are aiming to put on their finishing touch by Saturday and seal their design by Sunday. The artists are eager to see people drop by NW Fourth Street and take pictures in front of the their art for years to come.

“That’s one of the cool parts of doing murals in general, but doing them out of town you get to do them and leave them and see how the community reacts,” Duncan said.

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana helped Old National Bank choose a regional artist and design for this project.

“What the selection city was looking for were something that tied into Evansville’s heritage a bit and that’s where we see the LST and the plane,” said Anne McKim, executive director of the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana. McKim hopes the mural draws more people downtown. “Come check out the mural, but then eat at our restaurants, shop at our shops, come visit the gallery. We have concerts, we have art exhibits so many things to do.”

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