HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – As the Writer’s Guild of America strike continues into its third week,neither side show’s any sign of compromise.

The previous WGA strike in 2007 lasted 100 days. This time around, a big issue is residuals from syndication, which are not generated from streaming services.

One local Screen Actor’s Guild member, an instructor at the University of Southern Indiana that one time starred in the Geico commercials, shared his thoughts on the strike and how streaming has changed the business.

“There are a lot of reasonable demands that the WGA have made, especially looking back at the history of, and the dominance of streaming, in terms of how we watch shows. Those shows are very popular, they have a lot of different revenue streams, and the writer’s really don’t get much of that at all,” says Woodend.

Woodend is hopeful for a resolution by the fall, which he says would allow studios the time to produce new content for abbreviated seasons of TV shows.