EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – A news release says Ascension St. Vincent is partnering with the EVSC Foundation to donate $12,700 to support the development of a new STEAM area at Teacher Locker and to purchase audiometers for EVSC schools.

Teacher Locker, a program of the EVSC Foundation, is a place where EVSC teachers grades PreK-12 can receive free school supplies for their classroom. The goal is to reduce what teachers spend out of their own pockets for their classrooms. Officials say this generous donation will also be used to help support EVSC school nurses through the purchase of new audiometers.

The press release says the efforts for fall of 2022 became focused on building a STEAM area with supplies that could be used in classrooms of all ages. Ascension St. Vincent’s partnership with Teacher Locker will provide an updated space as well as the ability to offer highly needed STEAM supplies. The area will be named the Ascension St. Vincent STEAM Area.

“The impact Teacher Locker has been able to have in EVSC classrooms over the last four years has been exciting. However, most of our supplies have been very general classroom supplies that meet some, but not all, of the needs of our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math courses.” Nora Walsh, EVSC science teacher and founding Teacher Locker Board Member, said.

Officials say one of the ways that EVSC provides care for students is by performing state-mandated health screenings each school year. Hearing screenings are provided annually for all students in Grades 1, 4, 7, and 10, and any student suspected of having a hearing issue. Officials say these tests require an audiometer that can become costly for the schools, so the donation from Ascension St. Vincent will provide the funds to purchase three new audiometers.