Back to school: where each Tri-State school system stands on reopening


We’re just a couple of weeks away from the first day of school for many students in the Tri-State. All of the school districts in our are have released their re-opening plans, but caution these plans could change depending on guidance from the state.

Here is a list of the reopening plans for every school district in the Tri-State.
Last updated on Aug. 12, 2020.



The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation decided to delay the start of school by two weeks until August 19 due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in the county. There are three options for students:

  • Option A: Learning at School – The default option is our traditional “brick and mortar” school building in person setting adjusted for the actions that limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • Option B: Remote – a temporary setting that is connected to one’s school/teachers. This setting offers flexibility for those students who need a temporary option to continue learning at home before returning to Option A.
  • Option C: Virtual Academy – semester/year-long enrollment in our nationally renowned virtual academy.

Diocese of Evansville Catholic schools

Students will begin returning to the classroom during the first week of August. Students will be required to wear face masks when social distancing is not an option. Church officials say if a child needs to quarantine, the school will provide extending learning. However, they say Catholic schools within the Diocese of Evansville do not currently have a long-term virtual option for families.

Warrick County School Corporation

 The Warrick County School Corporation (WCSC) will begin classes in-person on August 12, but will also have a live streaming option for students with a medical condition or who have circumstances that require a non-traditional option. The WCSC will also use a three-level system contingent upon the COVID-19 conditions at any given time:

  • Green: students report to schools
  • Yellow: a hybrid of in-person class and virtual. Exact schedule will be based on the situation at the time.
  • Red: Distance learning for all.

Posey County

The MSD of Mount Vernon and the MSD of North Posey County are following the same reopening plan, but their continuous learning plans are different. Mount Vernon students will return to the classroom on Aug. 7, while North Posey starts back on Aug. 10.

At MSD of Mount Vernon, K-5 students will be participate in Google Classroom with a grade level teacher. Grades 6-12 will participate in the APEX learning program, and will spend the first learning virtually.

At North Posey, students will be given Chromebooks and will be using Canvas and Go Guardian as their learning platform. Work assignments, called “learning bundles,” will be given which include a combination of digital and paper/pencil/textbook activities. Teachers will push out learning bundles daily.

Gibson County

East Gibson plans on having in-person class starting on Aug. 12. Students will be required to wear a face mask and social distance. There is an option for students with health conditions to learn virtually. Students in this option must remain in the virtual option, students must remain there until the end of the semester. A physician must certify that the return to school is safe for the student.

North Gibson will be returning to class on Aug. 7. There is a virtual learning option available for students whose parents are concerned with a return to traditional in-class instruction. Students on the virtual option will not be able to participate in extra curricular activities. Once enrolled in the virtual option, students must remain there until the end of the semester. A physician must certify that the return to school is safe for the student.

South Gibson will have an online only option using Indiana Virtual Academy, but students have to commit to the virtual option for the entire semester. Students in the virtual option will not be able to participate in extra curricular activities. South Gibson starts back on Aug. 13.

Pike County

Parents will have two options for their kids in Pike County. Option 1 is in-person learning. This means going to class daily, but students will be required to wear a face mask, will be spaced out in the classroom, and will have assigned seating on the bus, in the classroom and at lunch. Option 2 is virtual learning. This option will provide more teacher instruction and engagement than the remote learning plan used in the spring.

Pike County also has a three model they will follow. With ‘low risk,’ which means student absences are less than 10 percent and at the Pike County Health Department’s recommendation, they will do in-person class or virtual learning, depending on which option the student is signed up for. For the ‘moderate risk’ options, students absences must be higher than 10-percent, but lower than 20 percent. Or if the PCHD recommends this options. The ‘moderate risk’ options include hybrid learning and virtual learning. And finally, if students absences are over 20 percent, or there is excessive staff absences, or the PCHD recommends it, the school will use the ‘high-risk’ option. In this option, all in-person students will switch to virtual learning during a short-term closure of the school building. Classes start back on Aug. 12.

Dubois County

The current plan for Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Greater Jasper is for students to return for in-class learning on Aug. 12. The plan for this fall set up three levels, red, yellow and green, that correspond to the level of COVID-19 outbreak. Red is virtual only, and will happen if the absence rate is above 25 percent. Yellow is a hybrid and includes in-person or virtual 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If the absence rate is less than 20 percent, it will be the green option, which is in-person classes with students wearing face masks and social distancing.

Spencer County

Classes will start back on Aug. 12 as originally planned with in-person learning in the North Spencer School Corp. South Spencer will also be going back to school on Aug. 12. The reopening plan will be voted on by the school board on July 27 and they will post the plan on their website the morning of July 28.

Perry County

The Perry Central Community School Corporation will be utilizing the 3-option plan that includes traditional classroom, hybrid of in-person and virtual, and virtual only. All three options will depend on the potential for the spread of COVID-19. There is also an e-learning option for all K-12 students. Students and staff are strongly recommended to wear a mask.

Cannelton City Schools will also be following the 3 option plan. They go back to school on Aug. 4.

Tell City-Troy Township Schools start back on Aug. 4. Face masks will be required on the school bus, and recommended in the classroom and the hallways, but not required. A remote learning option is available. If parents wish to switch their child to in-person classes, that will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The online option is available to all grades, however, some classes, like CTE which is very “hands-on,” will not be available for online learning.


Daviess County Public Schools

UPDATE: DCPS says they plan to follow Gov. Beshear’s recommendation that schools not return to in-person classes until Sept. 28. DCPS officials say classes will start start back on Aug. 26, but it will be virtual.

Daviess County Public Schools plans on using a rotation schedule, called the A-B schedule, for students when they start back on Aug. 26. Half of its students will go to school on Monday and Tuesday, and the other half on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a virtual learning day. They’re also offering a Virtual Academy option. The DCPS board approved the plan on Monday. School officials will send a form to parents and guardians, asking them what option they choose for their child.

Owensboro Public Schools

OPS will start back virtually on Aug. 24 and will continue virtually until at least Oct. 2. Students on the A-B model will continue to learn virtually like they would on their distance days, however, learning will now take place all five days with direct instruction, while Wednesday will still be a day for teacher planning and for students to complete assignments. OPS still plans to honor the Sept. 18 date mentioned in the reopening plan of notifying families of the district’s intentions following Fall Break the week of Oct. 5 – 9.

Owensboro Catholic Schools

Owensboro Catholic Schools students will reopen Aug. 26 to in-person classes. Students will have their temperature checked before entering the building, and classroom seating will be arranged to maximize social distancing and limit face-to-face contact. A virtual option will be available to students with health conditions. OCS will work with parents to develop a continuous learning plan for their child.

Hancock County Schools

UPDATE: Hancock County Schools say school will start virtually this year on Aug. 26. The district and each individual school will be providing details between now and Aug. 21 to prepare families for this change in plans.

Hancock County School students will have the option between in-person and virtual learning. Students enrolled in the virtual learning option will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at the school. While each student option for in-person learning is recommended to bring their own mask, the school district will provide masks to those who need them.  Students head back to the classroom on Aug. 26.

Henderson County

UPDATE: HCS will start the school year on Aug. 26 as NTI. This is to follow Gov. Beshear’s recommendation that all Kentucky schools not return to in-person classes until Sept. 28.

Henderson County Schools are letting parents choose between in-person and online classes. The district says a hybrid schedule would be considered and possibly implemented if school was out for an extended period of time. Non-traditional instruction, or NTI, has three different levels and would be used during a school closure. School is scheduled to start back on Aug. 26.

Hopkins County

It is being recommended to the Hopkins County Board of Education that the return to in-person classes be pushed by to Sept. 28 per Gov. Beshear’s recommendation. School starts back on Aug. 26. The soft openings planned for our in-person students will be rescheduled when it is deemed safe to return. Schools will offer a breakfast and lunch program for all students and will release more information on this soon.

Dawson Springs Independent will be starting back on Sept. 1. Classes will be held virtually. Students will be expected to be ready and “available” online from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. Officials say they plan to return to in-person classes on Oct. 12, after Fall Break. However, school officials will reassess that plan on Oct. 1.

McLean County

Classes are scheduled to begin virtually on Aug. 26. In-person classes will not start until Oct. 28, two weeks after Fall Break. This is so students can quarantine after Fall Break if they left the state with their family. School officials have not given any information on athletics or competition.

Muhlenberg County Schools

When Muhlenberg County Schools reopen on August 26, it will be all virtual. School officials say the plan is to re-assess prior to the next board meeting on September 17, with the goal to have an in-person option beginning Monday, September 21.

Ohio County School District

Ohio County Public Schools plan to start the school year August 26 and classes will be virtual. For parents who are not interested in the OC Instructional Model (stoplight), they can enroll their children in either Virtual /Odysseyware or NTI/Paper Based.

Union County Schools

UPDATE: Union County Schools officials say they plan to follow Gov. Beshear’s recommendation that schools not resume in-person classes until Sept. 28. Union County will start back on August 26, but it will be virtual.

Classes at Union County Public Schools are scheduled to start again August 26. There will be two options for students: tradition, in-person classes, or online via UCPS Virtual Learning. This is different from NTI. Students will be enrolled in virtual learning until at least Fall Break, after which the option to switch to in-person instruction may be available. Remote students may participate in after school activities if they meet eligibility guidelines. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students who return for in-person classes must meet Kentucky’s Healthy at School Guidelines.

Webster County School District

All teachers will teach remote classes to begin the year on Aug. 31 until at least Sept. 28. WCS will also still have the Maroon and Gold schedule so that when students return in person, they will already be in their schedule. A virtual townhall is scheduled for Monday, August 17 at 6:00 p.m. and on Tuesday, August 18 at 2:00 p.m.


Edwards County

Edwards County Community Unit School District #1 is offering in-person and online learning for students. If a parents chooses for their child to participate in remote learning, they will be subject to participation in 9 week intervals. Remote learning will be online for grades 2nd through the 12th grade.  If parents choose to send their children back to the classroom, students will be required to wear a face mask at all times, only 50 people will be allowed in the cafeteria at any one time, and no students will be allowed in the building before 8 a.m. Classes start back Aug. 14.

Wabash County

Wabash Community Unit School District #348

Wabash Community Unit School District #348 is doing an A-B schedule. Group A (Maroon) will consist of students whose last names begin with A-J. Group B (Silver) will be last names K-Z and all remote learners. Group A will attend in-person class on Tuesday and Thursdays, and Group B will do in-person class on Wednesdays and Fridays. They are also doing a soft reopening, with Group A returning on Aug. 13, with dismissal at 12:20 p.m. Group B will return on Aug. 14, also with early dismissal. The next week, each group will do two full school days.

Allendale Central Consolidated School District #17

As long as Illinois region 4 is in Phase 4 of the reopening plans, Allendale Central Consolidated School District #17 plans to have in-person/blended classes starting on Aug. 13. Parents will have the option of in-person/blended class or online only. When the state moves to Phase 5, the school district will move to in-person class only, but will continue to take safety precautions. They are allowing remote learners to participate in extra curricular activities.

Wayne County

Fairfield Public School District #112

For the first nine weeks at Fairfield Public School District #112, which begins on Aug. 14, school will start at 8:10 a.m. daily, and will end at 1 p.m. for North Side and 1:10 p.m. for Center Street. Parents also have the option of sending their kids back for in-person learning, or they can do virtual learning. This option can be changed every four weeks.

Fairfield Community High School #225

School at Fairfield Community High School begins on Aug. 17. Parents can choose between in-person/blended learning, or online only. For in-person/blended, students would attend classes in-person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and would do online courses on Wednesday. Students will also be on block scheduling. If parents choose the virtual learning option, they have until Labor Day to decide if they want to switch to in-person/blended.

Jasper Community Consolidated School District #117

Jasper Grade School is doing in-person classes only. School starts back on Aug. 14. Bus riders will be required to wear a face mask, and will have their temperature taken before they’re allowed in the building. Students will also be required to wear a face mask at school, except during lunch and P.E. Medically frail or immune compromised students, or students who live with family members with medically fragile conditions can request remote learning.

New Hope Central Consolidated School District #6

New Hope School is is also doing in-person classes only. The exception is for students who are immune compromised or medically frail, or who live with immune compromised members in the household. Students participating in remote learning will not be eligible for extra-curricular activities including sports. Students return to class on Aug. 10.

Community Unit School District #200

In Community Unit School District #200, early childhood, elementary, and transition students will be returning for in-person classes. Student seats will be six feet apart, and students will be required to wear face coverings at all times in school buildings, even when social distancing is maintained. For grades 6-12, an A-B model will be used. Cohort A will attend in-person classes Monday and Thursday, and Cohort B will do in-person classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. School starts back Aug. 25.

Wayne City Unit School District #100

Wayne City Unit School District #100 is offering two options for students: in-person and remote learning. All students and employees will be given a reusable face mask. Any students who are unable to wear a face mask will have to do remote learning. For in-person learning, students will attend school four days a week, with Wednesday being a remote learning day while the schools are cleaned. Classes start back Aug. 13.

White County

Carmi-White County Community Unit School Distrit #5

Carmi-White County CUSD #5 will also offer two options for learning: in-person and remote. If parents chose remote learning, families will have to partner in this educational process with a minimum of five clock hours daily of instruction and assignments. Remote learning will also look much different than in the spring. It will be more challenging and rigorous. Classes start back on Aug. 20.

Norris City-Omaha-Enfield Community Unit School District #3

Norris City-Omaha-Enfield CUSD #3 plans on having full in-school learning five days per week with a daily 2:00 dismissal (8:00 a.m.- 2:00p.m.). Students start back on August 20. Junior high and high school students will be on a “block” schedule format to limit passing periods. A remote learning option will also be available.

Grayville Community Unit School District #1

Students at Grayville CUSD #1 will be returning to class on Aug. 12. The school district plans to have full day, in-person classes. Students must provide a doctor’s note for remote learning. Students participating in remote learning will not be eligible for extra-curricular activities, including sports. Students must get their temperature checked before getting on the bus or entering the building.

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