Bar Fight Turns Into Shooting, 4 Injured

A bar fight just north of downtown Evansville turns into a shooting, sending four to the hospital. As of now, police say no one is behind bars.
The Evansville Police Department was called to Mann’s Bar & Grill just before 3:00 a.m. Sunday, responding to a disturbed crowd.
Neighbors say the bar has been closed for a couple of years, but just reopened a few months age. Since then, neighbors say there have been nothing but problems.
This fence is now broken in two places and you can see Gini Eatan’s back yard through a the empty slat.
“It just looks like their was a nice brawl out here last night,” Eatan said. “From what I understand, the bar is only open on weekends and this is like the third or fourth fight that has broken out and it’s the first one that has involved my property.”
Eatan says a small bullet hole struck the side of her house. She says there is also broken glass next to her truck and her back right tire is popped. 
An early morning fight Mann’s Bar & Grill ended with four people shot. EPD says those individuals showed up for treatment at Deaconess Hospital.
“Crime scene found multiple shell casings of various calibers,” Evansville Police Captain Andy Chandler said. 
It’s a realization for Eatan that the neighborhood has changed since her childhood.
“I started realizing I thought I could be a little freer with letting my kids out, but it didn’t work out that way,” she said. 
As of now, EPD says the cause of the shooting and what led up to it is unknown and detectives are stilling trying to locate witnesses to the shootings.
“We are going to look at that and pursue all those leads to see if it was some sort of gang related shooting or it is unrelated to that,” Captain Chandler said. 
With the extent of the damage to Eatan’s and other neighbor’s yards, she says it’s not accidental.
“Not if four people were injured or shot it makes me think this was on purpose,” Eatan said.
She believes the best thing for the neighborhood is for Mann’s to officially close its doors.
The investigation is ongoing. If anyone has any information about this crime is asked to call the Evansville Police Department.

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