Barber’s Photo Album Documents Years of Newburgh History

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“I think it is a nice thing but I never expected it would be beyond the barber shop door,” John Arminio says. 

He is known by most people as John the barber, who has seen 28 years of change in Newburgh, especially businesses that have come and gone. 

But the businesses are not forgotten. John has kept newspaper clippings of all the new stores in the area over the years, having the owners sign the articles. 

“When I started 28 years ago, stores that opened, we’d always get our names in the front page of the paper and I thought it would be pretty neat so I started cutting them out and approached the people that opened the store and asked for their signatures,” John says. 

With years of signatures in his scrapbook comes years of meeting people, who are excited to be part of John’s collection. 

“They think it’s fantastic and they’re so honored and they’re just happy and happy to meet me,” he says. 

John says he does it because he likes people and is happy for them when they start off. 

John keeps a separate photo album of people who have passed away from the area, most are in his other album. 

People like Jackie Schen, one of John’s favorite people in his album, say it’s a blessing for the town. 

“The scrapbook that he’s got is going to be something that’s memorabilia people can look at and people can talk about,” Schen says. 

John says there are at least 100 clippings in the photo albums. 

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