WHITE COUNTY, Ill (WEHT) – Officials from Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services of Illinois released a statement on April 16 after a member of their staff was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

According to the statement, Daniel Lanning and his wife served as house parents in a BCHFS cottage since July 2021. Officials say that Lanning’s wife was not implicated in the investigation. The head of the ministry also reports a thorough background check was conducted at the time Lanning was hired with no incidents reported.

“We are fully cooperating with investigators,” said Interim Executive Director Doug Devore. “The care of our residents is very important to us, and we have extensive policies in place in an ongoing effort to protect the children in our care.”

The White County Sheriff’s Department says it was notified of the assault earlier in the week. Interviewed at the Guardian Center in Carmi, the girl made allegations that Daniel Lanning had sexually assaulted her on several occasions, police say.