Be Aware of Postal Scams


It is everyone’s dream to receive mail that says they have won a grand prize, but you may want to think twice before giving up your personal information.

This week is National Consumer Protection Week, and postal workers want people to be aware of scams.

Investigators say scams come in many different forms, and if it seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

Authorities say legitimate business is rarely conducted in cash on a street corner.

Shari Rowe, postal inspector, says “there are all different kinds of scams such as foreign lottery sweepstakes scams. One of the big ones we’re seeing now is an individual might receive a mailing and inside it will say you’ve won 2 million dollars! But in order to elect your winnings we need you to send some money for taxes upfront.”

Postal inspectors suggest not signing up for free prize and sweepstakes drawings.

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