Beaver Dam Looking at Liquor with More at Stake

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Beaver Dam is a community nestled in the center of a dry county, some feel is being torn apart.

The voters have spoken and alcohol is accepted in the small Kentucky town but not everybody is happy about it.

It’s liquor laws with more at stake.

Nick Midkiff says he has to drive an hour round-trip to Central City for his alcohol, and he’s glad the city voted in favor. “It will save a lot of time, a lot of gas money,” he says. “More money for beer!”

Beaver Dam leaders now work to write its ordinances to sell beer, wine, and liquor at stores and restaurants.

But that decision is leaving scars.

“The last couple weeks especially have not been very nice.”

Terri Minton is the owner of the landmark Beaver Dam Cafe.

She says some believe the decision was an inside job because her brother is Mayor Paul Sandefur.

“There has been a lot of controversy,” Minton says, “I can assure people I had nothing to do with the petition and it was not started for Beaver Dam Cafe by any means.”

Even before the vote she says her family was feeling the heat.

Mayor Sandefur’s driveway was vandalized over the weekend, spray painted “DRY” – proving there are those against it.

But we couldn’t find any.

Anna Hensley grew up in the small town, and recently moved back after living in Oregon for 40 years.

“We’ve never been in a dry county again, and I’ve seen what the tax base can do for a community,” she says. “I’d rather keep the dollars here.”

A slow night at the cafe doesn’t mean it’s slow for Minton, because the wheels are turning towards a liquor license at her cafe. “It’s one more aspect of the restaurant business,” she adds.

Mayor Sandefur says the city is studying laws in other communities to guide them in writing their own.

Once those are official, stores and restaurants will need to apply for licenses, so it could still be months until the first drop alcohol is sold.

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