Beaver Dam Opens Liquor Store, Hartford Could Follow

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A liquor store opened in Beaver Dam Wednesday, the first in Ohio County since prohibition. Hartford could soon be following suit.
“Is alcohol in Hartford? Yes. Does Hartford make any money off it? No,” said Eric Smith, who helped start a petition for Hartford alcohol sales.
Ohio County is a dry county, but new legislation allows for cities in the county to make their own rules when it comes to alcohol sales, provided enough people sign the petition.
“It blew up. We need 177 valid signatures, we already have those, between the online petition and the paper petition, we have those numbers,” Smith said.
Lynn Ellison is the owner of the Liquor Stop, which opened at 4 p.m. Wednesday.
“We don’t sell shoes, we just happen to sell beer. So that’s the biggest difference. Like I say, it’s not for everybody, and I understand everybody’s opinions and rights, but i think it’s gonna be good for the community,” said Ellison.
Smith said the goal is to vote on alcohol sales in early August. He said he doesn’t expect much resistance.
“I haven’t had any naysayer. I’ve had one concern, only one, out of all the comments, that simply said say no to alcohol. Which i agree, if you can say no to alcohol, but say yes to the revenue that that could bring in,” Smith said.

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