Behind the Blue: A look inside police resignations

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EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) — After EPD Officer Trevor Koontz voluntarily resigned effective Thursday, EPD released a statement saying his resignation is not tied to the death of a Pennsylvania man in Evansville earlier this year.

Koontz is one of two EPD officers that resigned recently.

EPD’s statement said some officers resign because they have not completed all of the required training within the allotted time — and officers are given the option to resign.

That officer resigned at the end of his probationary year, which captain andy chandler says is not uncommon.

“They go through four months of intense training, where they’re constantly scrutinized and they’re being evaluated every step of the way. Once you complete those four months of academy training — that’s just your first step.”

The Academy is followed by 8 months of probation with field training officers, rotating through first, second and third shifts. He says that first year is tough.

“You’re seeing people in their worst elements, under the worst adverse conditions, under the worst kind of behavior.”

It’s no surprise, then, that some officers resign.

“This isn’t for everyone. It is a high-stress job, you work multiple shifts, long hours away from the family.”

Staffing a police force is not just a local issue. Departments across the country, at every level, are hurting.

“Across the board, it’s hard to actually find the quality applicants, but then to get them trained and then to retain them.”

Eight people resigned from EPD this year, four during the probationary process, and two of those while they were still in Academy. But officers that reconsider their resignation are allowed to re-apply to EPD and if re-hired, are given another probationary period.

“It just makes them realize that they I may need to go ahead and back off, wait, re-apply, come back in for the training process when I know I can move through it at a quicker pace.”

EPD is not saying the reason these officers resigned this week is necessarily because of these reasons, only that it is unrelated to the incident in September.

The investigation into Ed Snukis’s death is still ongoing, pending a cause of death and toxicology results.

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