Bern, Baby Bern

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Bernie Sanders drew in quite the crowd at the Old National Events Plaza for his Monday rally.

Caleb Barker made a sign early Monday morning before he got in line at 5 a.m. to see Sanders.

“What are we doing wrong if we’re the best country in the world and we can’t afford to give our citizens healthcare and college?” he said. “I mean we must be doing something wrong.”

Barker says he’s Felt the Bern for awhile now.

“How does our government expect our young people in this country to get jobs and have a good work force if the children that are going to college are becoming $70,000 to $80,000 in debt?” he said.

12-year-old Cameron Forney anxiously waited in line since 11:45 Sunday night to Sanders. 

“Republicans try to take away the programs to help the poor or homeless and democrats try to give more money to them and help other people out,” he said. 

Forney says he was at the Old National Events Plaza last week protesting at the Donald Trump rally.

“People on our side were screaming that he was a sexist, racist, corrupt, crazy, mean and just in all out of his mind,” he said. 

Although Sanders has less delegates than his competitor Hillary Clinton, both Barker and Forney believe Sanders will be able to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. They hope they’ll be singing Bern, baby Bern all the way to the White House.
Secret service says Sanders is on his way to Fort Wayne Wayne Monday night ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

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