Bethel Manor giving vaccinated employees $500


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) Bethel Manor announced that many residents and staff received their second COVID-19 vaccination Monday.

According to a Facebook post, employees who have chosen to get vaccinated are going to receive $500 for their commitment to ending the pandemic.

“The patients are more vulnerable than I am,” said Teri Rawlings, a physical therapist assistant who works inside Bethel Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Home. Rawlings said she got her COVID-19 shot as soon as she could to protect the people around her. “I feel like it’s important that I stay as healthy as I can because I have these patients that are my responsibility.”

“One thing with our staff, they really see, after going through a COVID outbreak, they are seeing that this is important. That it is really our way out of the pandemic, being able to get a step closer to reuniting our residents with their families, opening up, lowering restrictions and all of that,” explained Josh Bowman, Bethel Manor administrator.

On Monday, health care workers administered COVID-19 vaccines at the nursing home for the second time. Bowman said 63% of the nursing home staff have received at least one of their two vaccines so far. This is nearly 25% higher than the national average, but the nursing home’s workers had some motivation.

“I think the 500 dollar bonus that they could get for getting the vaccine, for the appreciation of doing that, helped push a few of them over the edge and helped our numbers get a little bit higher so we were above that nation wide average,” Bowman said. 94% of the nursing home’s residents are being vaccinated to stay protected. This is making families wonder when they will finally be able to hug their loved one again.

“We are still waiting for guidance from CMS at the federal government level, from the Indiana State Department of Health, and that’s the big question is what kind of practical changes will this vaccination actually get us and no one really seems to have those answers quite yet on that.” said Bowman.

(This story was originally published on February 9, 2021)

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