EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — After pressing pause for two years and almost canceling it this year, it was finally race day at the University of Evansville.

And students say it was long overdue.

“There was a period, about 18 hours to be exact, I think, when it was cancelled. But we got it back and that is all that matters,” says Ethan Ziegler, a student at the university.

After forming a petition and getting signatures, the university decided to put the race back on.

“The students and alumni decided to rally together and the university decided to put it back on and here we are,” said Abigail Hatcher, a junior at the University.

Because of not having it for the past two years due pandemic concerns, this year was the first race for many students.

“I’ve never gotten to experience the bike race before,” Ziegler said.

“This is the first time I’ve experienced it, and I am really excited to make memories,” Hatcher said.

For some students, like Olivia Rodd, it has been a family affair. She has been a fan since she was little. Now being a senior, she hopes to make memories that last a lifetime.

“I think that it is just like being together, like with our sororities and stuff and making memories,” Rodd said.

The bike race has been a tradition for UE for nearly 65 years. Students say they are already looking forward to the next one.