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Former President Bill Clinton had plenty of supporters inside and outside of Penny Lane Coffee House in downtown Evansville. They’re all hoping for a chance to shake his hand.
It’s not the first time President Bill Clinton has been to the Tri-State and some Tri-Staters hope it’s not the last.

“I always thought he was down to earth. He was real with the people,” Princeton resident Kathy Etolen said. 

“His charisma that I saw on TV and and now I’ve seen it personally, and it’s just as big as it appears to be on TV,” Evansville resident Donna Bennett said. 

He was in town campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

“Anytime you can get national figures in Evansville, it’s only a plus for everybody,” Bennett said. 

“I don’t think it matters what your party persuasion is and who you might like in a particular party, the fact that they’re coming to Evansville and our region it’s certainly raising our profile and I think that’s good,” Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said. 

Clinton isn’t the only person who has made a campaign stop. Ted Cruz was in town Sunday at Old National Events Plaza. There are reports Donald Trump is coming Thursday, but John Kasich’s campaign says he’s leaving Indiana up to Cruz.

“I certainly understand it,” Mayor Winnecke said. “Every candidate and every campaign has to choose a strategy that’s best for them, but it’s disappointing.”

With Indiana’s primary a week away, Evansville seems to be a stopping point for most candidates with no projected winner already in the cards.

“You’ve got so many people divided that a voice can go a long way and if you can get a politician or a celebrity or someone of importance to listen to you and you feel like you’ve connected one the same level it makes you feel better,” Etolen said.

Some Tri-State residents say former president Clinton left a lasting impression and they’re hoping Hillary comes next.

“For my kids to meet a former president was amazing and it’s something they’ll always remember,” Etolen said.

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