Birthday card becomes lifelong gift between lifelong friends

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MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) Birthday cards are one of the more common gifts people get from family or friends when their big day arrives.

While some throw them away after their birthday, one card carries a special meaning for two lifelong friends in Muhlenberg County.

“The lord has blessed us to still be living at 78 years old,” says Sue Vincent of Muhlenberg County. She and Glenda Harper have been friends since they were three-years-old.

Glenda Harper and Sue Vincent

“My home is down across the road and we just grew up together and always been friends. Our parents were best friends,” Harper recalled.

Glenda bought Sue a birthday card, for five cents at a Central City store in February, 1960.

“It was a funny card,” says Harper. “It was funny but it fit the situation. We were in a long stretch of happiness. We’ve been happy all these years.”

“And always been there for each other,” adds Vincent.

Birthday card Harper and Vincent mail each other on their birthdays

More than a month later, Glenda got the exact same card from Sue for her birthday in April.

“Because I wanted her to have the same stretch of happiness,” Vincent explained.

“I laughed too. I just said, ‘I’ll send it right back to you.’ So, I kept it and sent it back to her,” Harper said.

Back and forth it went between the two for 60 years, with a fresh signature every time it’s mailed, even when there was no room left.

“We open it up and we sign on the insides when we couldn’t get anymore. We’re down to a few inches. I hope we can sign it to the bottom,” Harper explained.

It’s survived the wear and tear, and a time in the late 1960s when it got lost in the mail.

“We were in South Dakota when the card got lost,” says Vincent.

“She didn’t get it. I guess that’s when we put a tracker on it,” adds Harper.

They both keep it in plastic bags when it’s not in an envelope surrounded by a newer card. They say it will be buried with whoever passes away first.

“It’d be too sad to keep it when one of us is gone,” Vincent explained.

The card arrived in the mail in time for Sue’s birthday this upcoming Friday. Both feel happy to keep their friendship, and this symbol of it, going.

“We’re blessed,” says Vincent.

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(This story was originally published on February 20, 2020)

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