Blessing in Disguise: Storms Offer New Opportunity

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Widespread storms across the Tri-State topple trees, wipe out power lines, destroy homes, and crush cars.

However, there may be a blessing in disguise for two men on Evansville’s south side who try to recover from destruction.

There are times in life where we’re tested, and pushed to the brink. Rev. Marvin Barner, pastor at Mount Olive Baptist, knows this all too well.

His church was destroyed by a tree, in Thursday’s storm. The was roof pierced by a massive tree branch, poking holes into the sanctuary.

It’s how you respond – that’s the blessing. With every disaster comes opportunity.

“No matter how much money you have, no matter your disposition, trials are going to find you, no matter who you are,” Barner says.

Plans for Mount Olive is to hold Sunday service in the parking lot, if all else fails. But long-term Barner says they’ll build new right next door.

“We need more classrooms, we need a gymnasium, basically need to serve the whole community as a whole, not just a place of worship.”

Barner says Mount Olive has taken a lot of wear and tear, since it opened in 1984, but this damage finally did it in.

He seems confident the church will recover and build even bigger and better.

Across Evansville’s south side there is more damage, but hope springs eternal.

“I was inside the house, hearing a lot of wind, came to the window, looked there for probably five seconds, then seen the tree come down straight on the car.”

Paul Washburn says he’s okay, but his car isn’t. He says he’ll likely take it to the junkyard. The house only has minor damage.

When the storm is over, Barner and Washburn won’t remember why they survived, only how they thrived.

Thursday it was Mother Nature doing the talking, but sometimes said God works in mysterious ways.

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