Kids have a tendency to break things – angering their parents in the process. But Saturday in Evansville, parents encouraged their children to break as many boards as possible for a good cause.

Katherine Brice kicked off the Board Break-a-thon with the help of many young martial artists.

The karate masters in training set a goal for themselves for number of  boards broken.

They’re sponsored by friends and family members – with the money all going to the Boys and Girls Club of Evansville.

“They come in smiling, so proud, and they’re like, yay, I get to break boards,” says Brice.  “And they probably don’t realize that what they’re doing is actually going for a really good cause. They’re just happy to get out here, break boards. And when they’re here they’re just loving it, and then at the same time, they’re helping someone else by having fun.”

Brice’s goal is to raise $2,000 for children at risk. She hopes the Board Break-a-thon can become an annual event.