BONENAPPING: bone display that raises spirits goes missing


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– There is a ‘bonenapping’ investigation underway at the Evansville’s skeleton crew house located on Lombard Avenue. Over the past year, the community has witnessed the adventures of this skeleton family both in person and on Facebook. The spooky Tri-State family is back to spreading cheer after mourning the loss of Amelia Scarehart and Eddie Deader, two bony members of Evansville’s skeleton crew. They went missing Saturday.

“We had our one day of mourning where no skeletons were set out everyone was in the house kind of mourning about the loss of it, but then we turned right around and turned it into the crime scene then yesterday the vigil.”

Ann Dixon put her skeleton family out in the yard last March, once Evansville went into lock down.

“Since March 30th we have been doing scenes every single day nonstop, coming up with different ideas to try to entertain both the kids in the neighborhood, those who walk the neighborhood, we live right by St. Vincent so a lot of the employees would walk by,” said Dixon. She works at St. Vincent hospital and is wanting the skeleton family’s daily shenanigans to raise people’s spirits. “So I was hoping you know that skeleton crew was a great creative outlet for me and I was hoping it would help anybody walking by that is like, ‘alright something nice and light for the day great this is just what we need.'”

Over the past year, Evansville’s famous skeleton family gained a following on their Facebook page and in person. Some people have even left notes and props on their front door.

“I’m glad it has been such an enjoyment for so many people, but I hope everybody knows that we’ve got just as much enjoyment out of coming up with the ideas and with talking more with our neighbors and meeting more people. It’s just been a real blessing,” said Dixon.

Now that COVID-19 cases are dropping, the skeleton crew’s adventures will continue through the end of March, but will then be put on pause until Halloween.

(This story was originally published on March 17, 2021).

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