Boonville officers rescue father from drowning in City Lake


BOONVILE, IN (WEHT) — Three Tri-State police officers saved the life of a father as he began to drown in front of his children in a Boonville Lake.

For the three Boonville police officers, Tuesday seemed routine.

But it didn’t stay that way at City Lake where the heroic rescue took place.

Officer Casey Miller said they didn’t think twice.

“We could not let this man drown in front of his kids.”

Initially, the officers responded to reports of two kids in a lake. Officer Logan O’Bryan says when they arrived, it looked routine.

“We saw the two boys in the water about up to their knees, and we advised them to get out of the water. Well they started to point towards the middle of the lake.”

In seconds, everything changed.

“A guy was out there,” Officer Trevor Winters recalls. “He was struggling.”

Officer O’Bryan also saw something wasn’t right.

“We saw a toy RC boat, and right next to it was a head bobbing right next to it.”

The father  had tried to recover his sons’ boat, and was now fighting to stay alive.

“He was starting to lose grip on the boat he was hanging on to. He had gone under several times.”
That’s all it took for these officers to make the split second decions to jump into water over their heads.

Officer Miller remembers the distance seemed longer than it looks.

“I felt like I wasn’t going fast enough.”

“You gotta do it,” said Winters. “All three of these officers are not going to let someone drown in front of their kids.”

It was a dangerous situation for everyone.

“Talking to him, saying please don’t grab us, grab ahold of us, just kept his hands on the boat. And I got behind him and I pushed him and officer Miller pulled him.”

Patrolman O’Bryan coordinated the rescue from the shore. It was a tough lesson in his first months of training.

“I was really proud of them, to put their lives at that much risk =. […] I did not expect a water rescue in the City of Boonville.”

After a brief check-up on shore,  the father was able to leave without additional medical treatment.

These officers used quick thinking and team-work to protect and serve…

“We knew we could not let this man die in our community.”

And because of it, a father returned home safely with his sons.

“Boonville is everything to us.”

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(This story was originally published on June 12, 2019)

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