Boonville Steak Smuggler Investigation Continues


There are lots of ways to handle your groceries.

Baskets or carts, paper or plastic.

But in Boonville, there’s a new way.

Down your pants.

A steak smuggler caught on camera down aisle three.

“It’s pretty weird,” says IGA Sav-U-Mor Manager, Taylor Brasel.

The store has restocked after a clean sweep through the meat aisle, where 12 rib eye steaks worth $200 were stuffed down a pair of pants.

It happened Friday, now police in Boonville have made an arrest in connection.

Officials say they went to talk to a person of interest, Terry Volz, 52, but when the cops arrived, he took off.

Volz was caught and charged with resisting arrest, however police have not charged Volz for the stolen steaks.

He is said to not be cooperating with the investigation.

For many, the IGA is a favorite spot in the center of town. It doesn’t take long for word of the steak smuggler to spread.

“A gentleman kinda parked the cart in the middle of an aisle,” says Brandy Heck, recalling the surveillance video posted to Facebook.

”It looked like he was undoing his belt and shoving something in his pants, did his belt up, left the cart and just walked right out.”

A meat mathematician, you might say, is Matthew Samples, who calculates just how much baggage the man in the video was carrying.

“You figure a steak on average is 6 to 8 ounces,” he says, “you’re probably talking 4 or 5 pounds.”

Managers at IGA say they deal with shoplifters often, but never like this.

No word if the crook cooked his snatched steaks.

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