EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – The next generation of chemistry students at Bosse High School have gotten an upgrade for the school year in the form of a new laboratory.

School officials say the creation of the lab began 2 years ago with the idea of a simple facelift for the space. A collaboration with SABIC and Leadership Everyone made the renovations a reality and more, as students were given the chance to voice their needs for the school.

Bosse High School principal Aaron Huff says he’s thankful for the collaborative efforts of everyone involved and the opportunities the new lab provides for students. “What you have here today is a lot of folks coming alongside and supporting and even doing so fairly quickly,” says Huff. “I mean it speaks to a community that wants to invest in itself.”

The new lab boasts custom-built cabinets, a new ceiling, and new chemicals and glassware. Once seating arrives, the students will start using the new lab space.