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A Tri-State educator has been recognized for her accomplishments. Bosse High School Principal Sheila Huff was named “Educator of the Year” Saturday night.

Bosse High School Principal Sheila Huff says this award is just another piece of paper. She says she’s not in education to be recognized. She’s in it to be remembered. She says she wants to be remembered as someone who changed students lives — especially those students at Bosse High School.

Her name is sheila huff. But to her students at Bosse High School, it’s Principal Huff. She’s a hardworking, caring and true educational leader.

“I enjoy connecting with kids, i enjoy messing with them and i enjoy messing with my staff,” Huff said.

This is her 40th year as an educator. She drives to the intersection of Washington and Lodge in Evansville each week day. Eight years ago Huff was asked to be Principal at Bosse, a place she walked the halls as a teacher for 22 years. 

“I wanted Bosse to regain its level of respectability in this community,” she said. “I wanted it to be recognized state wide and I wanted it to be recognized nationally. All three of those things happened.”

Huff says she has a passion for young people.

“For some reason it seems to be teenagers more than anyone else,” she said.

She says passion pushes her to help students dreams comes true. 

“Life is to be lived to the fullest,” Huff said. “We go around one time and I’ve been blessed the entire time and so my responsibility is to bless those that I come in contact with.”

Huff has received multiple awards for her work ethic. Just recently, she received the Peabody Energy Leader in Education Award.

“If I can touch a child and move them in a positive direction, then it’s all worth while,” she said. 

She says she’ll be walking these halls for years to come.

“Often times I’m asked how long am I going to do this, as long as the good Lord wants me to,” Huff said. 

She says she’s a bulldog for life.

Huff received a plaque and a check for $5,000.

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