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Brad Byrd In-Depth: 100 Guys Who Care

More than 100 local men are coming together in the Evansville area to provide a boost for local charities. It's called 100 Guys Who Care.

Their mission is to collect $10,000 or more each calendar quarter and donate to a chosen charity. Their first meeting is Thursday night at Rolling Hills Country Club in Paradise, Indiana, starting at 5 p.m.

Brad Byrd talks with Robb Myers and Kevin Coon on how 100 Guys Who Care got started and the goal they set for every year.

You can find more information on the organization by visiting its website or Facebook page.

Transcription of interview:

Brad Byrd: "Welcome to In-Depth. Tonight -- we're talking about a group of one hundred plus men whose mission is to help local charities. It's called "100 Guys Who Care."  The goal is donate ten-thousand dollars or more each calendar quarter and donate to a nominated charity. I'm joined tonight by Robb Meyers and Kevin Coon just two of the five founders of this - founding fathers - of this unique group that is starting to do good in our community. What was the catalyst to get this group going? You turned this around pretty quickly. Go ahead, take it." 

Kevin Coon: "It was pretty quick - we started this in November - only three months ago. And it was just a passion of a group of guys that really wanted to do good for the community. And there are similar groups across the nation that do this. Each one is structured a little bit differently, but the concept is the same. So a friend of mine and I were talking one day, fell in love with the concept, immediately talked to three other guys, so the five collective, we called ourselves the 'founding fathers.' We put together the rules and regulations and kind of launched it and started recruiting and today we’ve got over 130 members signed." 

Brad Byrd: "Okay and Rob, how’s this going to work?" 

Robb Myers: "So, we’ve gone through a process where we’ve nominated, democratically, through all 130 members. We’ve chosen three local nonprofits that will be presenting tomorrow night at Rolling Hills Country Club for our first event.  All 100, hopefully all 130 guys, will be there in attendance. The three nonprofits will present for about 10 minutes each. Afterwards, we will vote and one of those nonprofits will walk away with over 10 thousand dollars." 

Brad Byrd: "Okay and this is quarterly event, so you’ll be doing this again in three months." 

Kevin Coon: "Yes." 

Brad Byrd: "Okay and with that being said, I noticed in, basically, the outline of your mission, there’s no checking account that you have. This money ... you don’t see any of this money ... you see the checks, but how will that work?"

Kevin Coon: "That’s the beauty of it is, we’re not a 501c3. We don’t have a checking account. Absolutely no money runs through us. We’re just a group of guys that come together for a common good. Once we have the charity that we’re gonna nominate to, every individual member pulls out their personal checkbook, writes a $100 check, or more, and it goes straight to the organization. Every single penny goes straight to that organization. We have no overhead. No expenses ... that’s the beauty of it." 
Brad Byrd: "So, no administrative expenses. If one of your members writes that check out,every dime goes to that charity or social service organization." 

Kevin Coon: "Absolutely." 

Brad Byrd: "And they, they use that money that you’re sending in. As far as this being a sustainable type of group that you’ve formed ... you’ve got 136 people already and you started recruiting back in what? October, November?" 

Robb Myers: "November."

Brad Byrd: "Okay, so you'll also be recruiting tomorrow night." 

Robb Myers: "We'll absolutely have an opportunity for people interested to sign up and join our group. We ask for at least for a one year commitment, that way we have a feel on how many members that we have. As far as sustainability, the traction has just been amazing. How fast we've grown, and we anticipate a significant amount of growth after our first event to maybe up up to 200 people within a few months." 

Brad Byrd: "So, you've got three nominated charities already, and those are ..." 

Robb Myers: "The three nominated charities are Youth First, Inc., the Boys and Girls Club of Evansville, and Highland Challenger Baseball League." 

Brad Byrd: "Okay, and so they will be making a pitch to you tomorrow night at your group, approximately 130 men there. And then you cast your ballot, and one of those charities will get at least you say 100 dollars per member?" 

Kevin Coon: "Per member, that's right. So, tomorrow night is our first official meeting ever. Each of those organizations gets ten minutes to tell the group who they are, what they do, and how the money will help them. And after the three presentations, we all vote, tally the votes really quickly, and the winning organization will take home a big check." 

Brad Byrd: "Okay, and can we put their website up? And this is if you're interested in actually joining this group. The url on this website is..." 

Robb Myers: "It's 100guyswhocareevv.com. On Facebook, you can look up '100 Guys Who Care Evansville' and find us on Facebook. You can contact us through either of those sources through Facebook or our email address is on our website 100guyswhocareevv.com." 

Brad Byrd: "And your title is '100 Guys', and it will stay that way. But conceivably, you're going to have a lot more guys in this group." 

Kevin Coon: "Right, we came up with that name at first, and we built a logo and a brand around it. So, that won't change even though we could get ... I don't know ... 200 plus. We just don't know what's in front of us." 

Brad Byrd: "Should be a great meeting tomorrow night out at Rolling Hills Country Club in Paradise, Indiana. And it starts at 5 p.m." 

Kevin Coon: "At 5:00 p.m., yep." 

Brad Byrd: "Robb, thank you so much. Kevin, thanks for joining us tonight to talk about this great cause. We appreciate it." 

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(This story was originally published on Feb. 14, 2018)

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