Brad Byrd, movie critic Jim Hunter react to Oscar winners

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A big night in Hollywood and a big night for a UE grad.

Brad Byrd and movie critic, Jim Hunter are talking about their reactions to this year’s Oscar winners.

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Full Transcription:

Brad Byrd: Brandon and Stacey, it was the 91st Academy Awards tonight, first of all Rami Malek did it.

Jim Hunter: He did it.

Brad Byrd: Good actor.

Jim Hunter: Good actor, Best Actor Oscar, UE alum – this is a big night for Rami Malek and for the University of Evansville. He does take home the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Brad Byrd: There’s a big party going on right now out on the west side at the Sterling Cityview Venue, people are very, very, well, you can see people are dancing right now and for good reason. Money raised at this event is going to the UE Theatre Department and it couldn’t have been possible without Rami Malek, who brought it all in tonight. Big surprise tonight the actress leading role Oscar.

Jim Hunter: Best Actress does not go to Glenn Close, it does not go to Lady Gaga, it goes to British star Olivia Colman star of The Favourite, who plays Queen Anne in that film. This was quite a shock because she didn’t win many of the predicting awards – all of those awards went to Glenn Close. Though a big surprise as Olivia Colman takes home the Oscar for Best Actress for The Favourite. That said she is very good in that film and that film works because she carries it with her co-leads Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

Brad Byrd: A lot of people thought that ROMA would win Best Picture – that was not the case tonight. Surprise there and possibly a controversial surprise.

Jim Hunter: A very controversial surprise, I was one of those who thought that ROMA was gonna take Best Picture, in fact, I was certain of it and then Green Book takes Best Picture of the year. This will be the best picture win that launches a thousand think pieces because it’s a controversial film, it’s a film that’s really reductive about race relations, and put up against something like BlacKkKlansman or ROMA – it will certainly cause a great deal of controversy tomorrow morning.

Brad Byrd: Alrighty, Jim Hunter thank you so much for being our movie critic, both on the air and on our digital platform.

Jim Hunter: Thank you, Brad

Brad Byrd: Another wild night at the Oscars.

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(This story was originally published on February 24, 2019)

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