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(WEHT) — As the Tri-State nears the end of another trying week that has reshaped our daily routines, our own Brad Byrd wanted to share the following Second Thoughts.

“Hello everyone, for a moment i’m switching out of anchor mode and sharing a personal message with you…As a viewer and friend, it’s about these times we now live.

Shaking hands, an affectionate hug, a high five to a friend may never quite be the same.

“I’ve seen it all.” It’s a phrase I’ve often taken back so many times I’ve lost count.

We’re moving through dangerous territory that’s bringing out the very good and bad in us.

We’ve endured dangerous times on this earth before. But this is different. It’s an enemy cloaked in mystery we cannot see. It’s as though it’s saying ‘I’m here so what are you going to do about it?’ It presents itself in the numbers we bring you every day. There is a face and a life story behind every one of those numbers.

It favors no classification of human beings. Like breathing the same air, we’re all sharing this battle. It is the great equalizer.

Many of us are home with family. We’re the lucky ones. There are millions who are home alone…or not home at all.

Some of us are not taking this threat seriously. That’s tragic.

Every day, I have a job to do. I’m weary of the numbers, the briefings, stay at home, COVID-19, “flattening the curve,” empty shelves just like you.

But then i think about those healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save lives. Those outside health care, the truckers for making sure medical supplies and food are getting to their destinations. Thousands of volunteers, perfect strangers who want to make a difference.

We live in an age where we complain about our computers running too slow, our streaming videos locking up, a comment someone has made on social media.

Technology has diminished face to face contact for sometime. Now we crave it. Even if it is six feet away..

We need a breath of fresh air. Perhaps getting outside for just a few minutes, no phones, no ear buds. Getting away from it all. It may well bring us together on the same path through this world we call home.

The sun also rises. We’re going to beat this. Looking forward to reporting that and putting all of those numbers away.”

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(This story was originally published on April 4, 2020)

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