Bump in the road for Boonville Bypass Project


Warrick County residents had been pushing for a bypass at state roads 61 and 261 for years before INDOT took on the project, and thanks to what INDOT calls “heaving problems,” it looks like the wait in Warrick County has gotten a little bit longer.

Anticipation, to frustration, to now, indifference.

Mark Mayer of Boonville said,”It’s just another delay in something that’s taken a long time to get here.”

INDOT’s announcement on Tuesday pushed back the completion for Boonville’s long awaited bypass, rerouting State Road 61 from New Harmony Road to the intersection of State Road 261 and 62, got a bit of a different reaction Wednesday afternoon in Boonville’s square.

“I think that maybe the consensus, maybe it’s indifferent for the most part, it’s one of those things that people have waited so long for that it’s really, I don’t think they really have an opinion one way or the other,” said Mayer.

What INDOT deems as “heaving” is making for more than just one bumpy road.

“The simplest way to explain it is the pavement is heaving, which means the material is pushing up and there’s a pavement smoothness issue, it’s not necessarily dangerous, but it’s a smoothness issue that has to be addressed because it will continue to get worse,” said Jason Tiller, Communications Director for the southwest branch of INDOT.

Tiller says the issue is fairly common, and one that could not have been prevented before construction began.

“Sometimes these types of issues come up unexpectedly. You can do all the studies in the world, but sometimes there’s just things you’re not prepared for,”said Tiller.

As testing continues to determine what’s causing the bumps along the way, the mile and a half stretch of rough road in question provides plenty of questions of its own.

“If it’s something simple it could be a simple fix, if it’s something more complicated, it may be a more expensive fix, I mean truthfully, everything is fixable, it’s just a matter of how much money you want to put into it,” said Tiller.

INDOT says it will continue to work around the stretch of the project in question until test results are in on what’s causing the heaving.

The completion date on the project is expected to be sometime in 2018.

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