MT. VERNON, Ind. (WEHT) – A city wide water boil advisory has residents and businesses making changes to their normal routines. Those disruptions could last as long as 72 hours after Mt. Vernon city officials say their water system violated drinking water standards. According to the city of Mt. Vernon, this is not considered an emergency, but many residents and businesses were left disrupted following the issuance of the boil advisory.

“As soon as that happens, all of our water we put under a rolling boil,” explains Dimaggio’s Italian Pizza owner Francesco Bommarito. “Obviously, all of our pastas and everything our water is always at a rolling boil constant throughout the day. So no issues with that.”

Bommarito says the timing was ideal, as the advisory was issued right before food preparations were to begin Tuesday morning. In addition to the constant boil for Dimaggio’s pastas, Bommarito says extra water was needed to safely clean tabletops and dishes. He says the extra boiling added another element to the kitchen: the heat.

“Really the biggest issues we face is stay hydrated, and our air conditioning is on higher, so a little bit increased utility bill,” says Bommarito.

On Main Street, similar issues plagued 3 Chicks Fudgery, where owner Rachel Rainey experienced disruptions of her own.

“To be on the extra-safe side, we went and got some jugs of water to make our coffee and fill up our ice and everything like that,” explains Rainey.

Rainey says she also worked to keep boiled water replenished in the shop’s dipping well to maintain cleanliness for utensils. With the boil advisory expected to be a days-long affair, both Rainey and Bommarito spent their Tuesday making preparations for the days to come.

“We’ll come in a little earlier tomorrow (Wednesday) during the day now that we know it’s going to be there,” explains Bommarito.

Rainey adds, “We’ll probably make sure we get more jugs of water for things like dishwashing and preparing our drinks and other things.”

City officials say Mt. Vernon residents will be notified as soon as the boil advisory is lifted.