EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival provides the chance for many to spend time with family or friends, enjoy the carnival rides, and indulge in their favorite Fall Fest treats. But with thousands soon filing into West Franklin Street, businesses see opportunity in the week-long festival.

Shawn Eickhoff is treasurer and part-owner of Paul’s Menswear. She says the Fall Festival is one of the most exciting times of year, but it is also one of the more hectic.

“We look forward to it coming, and then by the time the week’s over I look forward to it going,” says Eickhoff.

Despite the large crowds, Eickhoff says her business will remain open through the Fall Fest, with some minor changes planned to accommodate the influx of visitors.

“We have somebody watching our parking lot,” explains Eickhoff. “So we have someone sell part of it, but part of it is held for customers so we can get people in, because we still do a ton of wedding parties that have to pick up things for weddings coming up.”

The booths lining West Franklin can make some of the businesses seem hidden, but Eickhoff says the festival still provides an opportunity to connect with new, potential customers. Some, according to Eickhoff, return to the business after the festival ends.

Another business making adjustments during Fall Fest is Philthy Vintage Clothing.

“Normally, I’m closed on Monday’s, but I’m going to be open on Monday,” says Philthy’s owner Philip Ashenbremer. He says the festival provides an opportunity for exposure, as well as higher revenue. Ashenbremer says sales during the 2021 Fall Fest outpaced that of Black Friday.

“It was, I think, the best week of the year for me,” explains Ashenbremer. “I know from last year there was people from out of town that were here just for this week for the festival, and they’ve come back multiple times because they saw it that week, and whenever they come back in town again.”