Bystander with Gun Shoots at Purse Snatchers

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Eastland Mall Shooting

A violent purse snatching leads to gunfire at Eastland Mall Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

A man with a concealed weapon is possibly the reason two alleged thieves are in custody. Police say two women stole the purse from an elderly woman.

Concerned bystanders saw what was happening and chased the alleged thieves outside.

Jordan Harvey and her boyfriend, David Wright saw what happened, and jumped at the get-away car in the parking lot outside the food court.

“The guy pulled out his gun and he gave them a warning,” Harvey says. She was banging on the window trying to get a hold of the purse.

Wright says he heard at least seven gunshots. He says several shots hit the tires of the car, and others were fired into the air. “I was trying to help the elderly people,” Wright says.

Investigators say it’s hard to tell exactly how many shots were fired, or how many hit the suspect’s car.

The woman’s whose purse was stolen chased after the thieves and was dragged by the suspects as she was hanging out the door.

She was treated for minor injuries and no one was hurt by the gunfire.

The suspects were arrested down the street during a traffic stop.

Neither Harvey nor Wright say they were scared. They were running on adreneline, they say.

Harvey says she’s glad she jumped in. “I think I did the right thing.”

EPD officials struggled to justify the shooting, saying they typically discourage people from intervening. They add if the man was protecting the victim it would be different.

Police say the shooter, whose identity is not known, is being cooperative and is not facing charges at this time.

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