EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — From outdoor protests to city council meetings, Tri-Staters have been rallying together against what they say are the highest energy bills they’ve seen.

“This is not a normal thing,” says Connie Almond. “271% increase is not a normal thing,”

Now, Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment, or CAJE, is collaborating with the Energy for All Coalition.

“We all share that same issue which is high utility rates, the building of those gas plants that really sounds like we don’t need them and were going to be paying for them for a long time,” says Pam Decker. “We share common issues and that’s why we’ve united.”

CAJE has been working on several research projects in the Tri-State, and they met with representatives from CenterPoint Energy to discuss rates.

CenterPoint officials have said that they told their customers that the price of natural gas would be increasing and they have suspended shutoffs through May.

But bill payers say that’s not enough

“It’s not that move that’s going to help people where it’s hurting the most… So that was a band-aid,” says Pam Decker.

As more bills come out, more Tri-Staters are coming together as a community to stand up against rising rates and ask local officials to stand with them.

“When we stand up to CenterPoint and say ‘enough is enough'”, Jane Leingang says.

CAJE will be hosting the Nehemiah Action Day on May 9 at the Old National Events Plaza, where they are asking for residents to come out and speak to government officials.