Calab Luckett Family Begs for Answers

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As the skies open above Evansville on a gloomy Thursday, so does a woman in agonizing pain with the heartache to drown city streets.

Nancy Byrd opens the wounds from a Christmas Day murder, as her family begs for answers in a case police say is cold.

Her nephew, 18 year-old Calab Luckett was killed at Woodland Park Apartments on Christmas, and the family is nowhere near closure. So they ask for help for their own family and to prevent another tragedy.

“This is the absolute worst nightmare,” she says, “he didn’t get his chance in life and it’s terrible.” It’s not easy to talk about in the past tense, either. “He had such a beautiful soul,” Byrd says.

Going over plans he made, now shattered dreams with a broken family. “He was going to succeed in life and make his momma proud.”

The family says they’ve spent every dollar they own on the funeral and so they’re asking for help. You can donate to the “Calab Luckett Memorial Fund” at any Fifth Third Bank, or donate to the GoFundMe.

Evansville Police say the case is cold. Investigators have questioned some, as standard protocol. They have no suspects and no leads. No one at Woodland Park is talking, either.

Calab’s mom, Jennifer Schwartz now fears for her own life and fear some kind of retaliation, so she let Nancy do all the talking, while choking back tears. “She’s completely broken,” Nancy says of Jennifer.

So many questions unanswered.

So many they fear may never be answered.

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