Cancer Survivor Celebrates In Pink

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Pink was the theme this morning for the annual Susan G. Komen Tri-state Race for the Cure at Eastland Mall in Evansville. One survivor decked out in pink from head to toe as she celebrates being cancer free.

Louise Helm is celebrating a cancer free life. Although she is learning to walk again due to complications from breast cancer, she’s still taking part in a race that some may not be capable of.

From pink ribbons to hats to stickers, it’s a color most of these women are familiar with. It’s a color that represents bravery, strength and hope.

“Pink rocks,” Louise Helm said. “Pick is beautiful and we all are.”

It’s a battle some of these women have fought. Almost five years ago, it was Louise Helm’s battle.

“The radiation burned my sexy body up and took all my hair, but I’m still beautiful baby,” she said. 

She’s in a wheelchair because the cancer stole her ability to walk. This decked out, two wheel, pink carriage is now how Louise gets around. Her last surgery was June 1st of this year. Today, she says her purpose was to be a cheerleader for others and her daughter was by her side, every turn of these wheels.

“She would never let this bring her down, not in a million years,” Tameaka Helm said. 

Sunday’s race was meant to honor those who have battled breast cancer.

“When you’re having a bad day, get up and look in the mirror and look at that person you’re looking at and just smile at that person,” Helm said. 

This race she may of not won, but the race for her life, she ultimately came out on top. It’s a race she says she’ll never stop running.

Last year, the race raised around $700,000. Officials say they hope to meet that goal this year.

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