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We’re continuing to learn more about a deadly southern Indiana shooting. 47-year-old Stacy Matheny has been charged with murder for the death of 47-year-old Phillip Chase. This is something that’s shaking the small town of Cannelton, IN.

Neighbors say the shooting is unusual for the neighborhood. But hearing the name Stacy Matheny, isn’t.

Bell Hollow Road is tucked between the hills of Cannelton, Indiana. Just north of the Ohio River, a stretch of houses line the road. But it’s this mailbox, 4346 Bell Hollow Road, where the story begins.

“I thought I heard a pop or bang or something,” Cannelton resident said.

Indiana State Police say officers responded to a shooting at this residence on Monday just before noon.

“It was just outside of the house the two men were having a verbal argument and that’s when the suspect Stacy Matheny pulled out a handgun and shot the victim,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Philip Hensley said.

The victim is 47-year-old Phillip Chase. Officials say he was pronounced dead at the scene. Sgt. Hensley said Chase was visiting the person who lives in this home when the shooting happened.

“We began looking for a dark green ford explorer sport track, a small pick up truck believing the suspect had left in that vehicle,” he said. “He was later located in Hancock County Kentucky by sheriff deputies they located a handgun in the vehicle.”

Behind the wheel was his father, who is also the owner of the home where the shooting happened. A nearby Cannelton resident, who asked to remain anonymous, says Matheny is known around the neighborhood.

“I don’t mess with the guy whenever I see him walk by,” the resident said.

The resident said Matheny’s no stranger to the law. Sgt. Hensley says over the last fifteen years, he has been charged a dozen times.

“To be charged with a felony the charges the crime is going to be significant and not knowing his state of mind at the time of the argument if he does indeed have a violent past, it’s going to play into how he reacts given how the confrontation with Mr. Chase goes,” he said.

Although the incident happened just a couple yards away, this neighbor says it won’t stop him from sitting on his porch.

“Even after what happened yesterday, I kept it open and sat out here,” the resident said.

Matheny is charged in Indiana with murder, which is a capital offense. He will be held in Kentucky on a warrant and possible local charges. Indiana State Police say it could be this week or next before he’s moved back to Indiana.

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