Cara Beckerle Pleads for Daughter’s Return, Denies Involvement in Her Disappearance


“I feel like I’m going crazy,” Cara Beckerle said with tears in her eyes.

With her daughter Aleah gone for more than a month, Beckerle and her mother Lydia LaRue don’t know what to do or how to feel.

“Not good, worried, emotional roller coaster, up, down, I don’t even know what it feels like to be happy anymore,” Beckerle said.

Beckerle said the week before her daughter vanished she suffered a work injury that required surgery.

She said the person who took Aleah knew she was on medication, the layout of the house, that the dog wouldn’t bark, and stole a copy of the house key, locking up as they left.

“This was planned kidnapping. It’s not a random. It was planned, but if you’re just scared now, it’s ok, just bring her back. Please, I just need her,” Beckerle said.

The case of Aleah’s disappearance has seen its twists and turns.

Aleah’s cousin Donna Robertson was one of three people arrested for allegedly coercing a false confession.

Earlier in August, search warrants were served at Cara Beckerle’s East Iowa home.

She said she’s been completely compliant, and unfairly targeted.

“Well I understand, because they don’t know me personally, so, and it’s happened before, where parents have hurt their own children, or what not. This is not the case. I got involved with some people I should have never got involved with, but it happened,” Beckerle said.

In 2007, Beckerle and her boyfriend were arrested on felony charges for dealing marijuana, and child neglect.

“Yes, it was a mistake to have marijuana in my house, but the neglect came with having marijuana in my house, not because my kids weren’t getting fed, not because the house was dirty,” Beckerle said.

She said she’s made major changes since then, and she’s a good mother.

When asked if she had anything to do with her daughter’s disappearance, she quickly denied any involvement.

“Of course not. No way. No. She’s 19 years old. I love my daughter more than anything. She’s an angel. She’s perfect. She made me feel better to live, because she was so, I felt like she was from heaven, I mean really from heaven,” Beckerle said.

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