EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– If cats have nine lives, one cat named Sinatra has probably used a few of them. He got lost after his family’s home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, but two and a half years later Sinatra found his way home

“I wish he could talk. I wish he could tell us what he’s been doing for two years,” said Robin Vaughn. Her and her wife Angela Brown are both from the Tri-State, but they moved to Panama City six years ago. On October 10, 2018, they were braving Hurricane Michael. “We were in a zone that was told not to evacuate the day before so that other people could get out and about two hours before it made landfall we all knew it was going to be really bad.”

The house Vaughn and her family were renting was destroyed. They were trapped inside the home for days.

“Finally some kind people cut through the trees and we were able to get out after four days,” Vaughn explained. They eventually made it to Clay, Kentucky, and Evansville, Indiana, to be with family.

Vaughn says they left their dogs and cats with her wife’s daughter who had a house in Evansville at the time.

“And her daughter, a few days after Sinatra was there, had opened the door and he got out. So he wasn’t familiar with that neighborhood. And they looked for him,” said Vaughn. Even after they went back to home to Florida, people were looking for Sinatra.

“This went on for days and days and days that turned into weeks that turned into months,” Vaughn said they thought Sinatra was microchipped when he was neutered, but it turns out the vet forgot.

Brown wouldn’t give up hope. She would post on Facebook and had people looking for the cat.

“There was a lot of false hope,” said Vaughn. “We would get our hopes up when someone would find a cat that would look like him, and then we would check it to every detail and it wouldn’t be him and it just broke my heart to see her [Brown] cry and to see our son who Sinatra was his best friend.”

Linda Walker from Another Chance for Animals found Sinatra more than two years after he went missing.

“She found him just a couple of miles from where that home where he was originally lost,” said Vaughn. “By the grace of God and some good folks in Evansville, Indiana, we got him home.”

Sinatra’s family brought him home over spring break. They say he has bounced back into his normal routine as if he never left. He’s more loving than ever and won’t let his family leave his sight.

(This story was originally published on April 6, 2021)